Anja Undraven- Dwarven Sorcerer

Player: Hannah Calvert

The eldest daughter of a high ranking Dwarven clan in the north, Anja’s life seemed somewhat planned out for her. Receive a noble education, learn about stones, don’t go the ocean, marry, and squeeze out a few small Dwarves.

Unfortunately life is never quite so simple. After an unfortunate incident involving a large crate of The Breath of Korthar and some baby lizards that are 100% not dinosaurs, Anja found herself fleeing the Undraven hillfast. She now travels the land in search of an answer to a question that only she knows.


Mordai Tornshade- Tiefling Druid

Player: Aghilan Newman

Life in a highly religious village is never easy at the best of times. It’s less easy when your mother dies at birth and your very existence is a defiance to the laws of the Gods. Such is the way it goes when you’re a Tiefling. Mordai may well have had a short life in the village of Maesteg were it not for Cribbelore Treeroot, the local druid.

After Mordai was chased from his village, Cribbelore took him under his wing and trained him in the druidic arts. Their training was cut short however when Cribbelore vanished without a trace. Mordai quickly hit the road, travelling the length of Ianis in search of his master.


Po Chen- Human Monk

Player: Sam Clarke

A kindly old man with a penchant for tea and incense, Po ofttimes wonders how on earth he ended up in such a group. After completing his time in the royal army of Yunaro in Qinhar, Po trained in a monastery to the north. Despite being a true master of breathing, hitting things with his hands and drinking tea very calmly; Po could never find true peace.

The cause lay with one person from his past, his departed wife Lijuan Ziu, a victim of Red Ache. She might have been saved, were it not for Dr Anjum Dhangar insisting it was nothing more than a fever. Po now seeks to forgive the man who indirectly took his wife from him, drinking tea all the while.


Mithras Fabricious- Elven Rouge

Player: Nic Chong

Many groups require a moral compass, someone to keep the party on the straight and narrow. An upstanding figure to remind everyone of Ariante’s teaching to not only turn your cheek, but in fact your entire body and ignore your problems. Mithras is not that person. Not even slightly. A reformed thief from the great city of Merayis in the west, Mithras fled his home city after becoming mixed up in a crime he didn’t commit. He now roams the land bringing justice to all at the point of an arrow.


All art by Alex Pelayre!
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