June 9, 2017

The Creation of the Dwarves

When Korthar arrived on Ianis he wished to pursue the creation of greater machines. Determined to avoid the trappings of his birth, Kothar turned to the seas of Ianis. On the shores of a nameless island now lost to the birth of Jurdar, Korthar filled a cup with seawater. He then attempted to bring the cup back a camp he struck. Despite his best efforts however, the cup spilled on the fire, evaporating. Frustrated, Korthar filled the cup again and again, each time spilling it on his fire. Furious, Korthar cast his fire aside, exposing the ashes underneath. It was there that he found the detritus of the sea, and he took it in his hand. Korthar breathed life, his magic and his blessing into what he had found and the first dwarves were born. Despite being born of the sea, they knew what was expected of them and made the journey to the mountains, building their great cities.

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