June 9, 2017

The Creation of The Elves

According to the elves, their creation was divine in nature. The elves believe that they were born from Shallorn’s flesh itself. They tell of how the first elves were a result of Shallorn’s divine energy slowly permeating that which grew on the God. Over time this became the first elves. Shallorn however considered these new peoples to be nothing more than a fancy, and so ignored their cries to be allowed to care for that which he had created on Ianis. The first elves, seeing all that Shallorn had created, despaired at their being trapped. It is then said that one the first elves began to create music (the exact nature of which is up for debate), his sorrow in every note. Shallorn was so moved by what he heard that he released the elves and blessed them, making them his chosen people.

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