Silja- Dwarven Rouge, Sister, Badass

Player: Cody Boker

First Appearance: Episode 30

The younger sister of Anja Undraven, while Anja was receiving a cultured dwarven education, Silja was to be found down in the docks roughhousing. Frustrated with the restrictions of an upper class dwarven life-style, Silja spent her days making connections among the working class of the Undraven hillfast, some connections being a little less reputable than others. These days Silja spends her time watching over the hillfast from down below. Making sure none of the Undraven crime families get too big for their boots, or that the Servants of Kolthar stay quiet.

Silja won the hearts of the working people in the Undraven hillfast a few years after helping Anja escape from the clutches of The Broken Chains. After spending several years gathering their resources, The Tools of Korthar struck the Gravel Pits. They swept through the poorest portion of the hillfast, kidnapping dwarves with even a hint of magic left and right, swelling their ranks in the Undraven Hillfast. Enraged, Silja glady offered herself to The Tools of Korthar, hoping to destroy them from within. While she still does not speak of exactly what she saw, many that she saved say that Silja possessed the spirit of both Korthar and Collanus on the day of the great rescue. They say that she took a needle, a piece of cloth and a small stone, crafting a mighty machine that destroyed not only the walls of their cells, but the Tools themselves. Absolute nonsense of course, but Silja isn’t revealing the truth.

Handur- Wrastlin’ Pirate God of Strength

Player: Micheal Bachmann

First Appearance: Episode 35

The God of Strength, both internal and external, he was born from the belly of an ox, Bilthur, fully formed. He then spent the next few (thousand) years engaging in feats of strength, traveling the universe in search of greater challenges. Handur is even responsible for the creation of several realms. One of the most well known in the stories of Ianis is Cragmur, a world of living rocks. An enormous stone serpent, coiled within itself was said to drift through the universe, consuming what it met. Never one to let injustice go, or pass up a challenge, Handur took it upon himself to shatter the serpent. And shatter it he did, forming a world populated by rock creatures. 

While Handur has more tales and great deeds attached to his name than most, one of his most significant deeds was one of his smallest. Whilst travelling on Ianis, down the eastern coast, Handur spotted a man drowning in the Dragon’s Tail, just off the shimmering coast. Handur fetched the old Qinharian out of the sea and stayed with his unconscious form that night. It was during that night that Handur felt the man’s pain, the Qinharian needed the strength of a god to rediscover his path. Never one to pass up a challenge or chance to do good, Handur settled in for what would be one of his greatest quests yet. 

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Art by @ibplunderin

Mumford- Lion Man Monk

Player: Richard Martin

First Appearance: Season 2 Episode 4

A little lion man with a big heart and a snazzy pair of jeans, Mumford makes his home in a realm outside of Ianis; The Endless Wilderness. Mumford looked to set to grow up to be a gambler just like his father in New Orleans, but fate had other ideas. For reasons well known to nearly the entire universe, Mumford was forced to leave home. After working a few odd jobs, he found himself drawn to a monastery several months travel away. A veritable life-time. There he discovered a great, sphinx-shaped ball bearing, a story unlike any other. Unfortunately, his attempts to discover the secret were thwarted when he was accused of murder. 

Fleeing, he became mixed up in a tuna canning empire run by Varana, Goddess of Beasts. Cruelty ousted from an empire he helped create, Mumford was soon pulled into the employ of one of Varana’s three heads. He now spends his days carrying out her will, wondering when he will be free, and when he will discover the secret of the sphinx ball bearing.

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