June 9, 2017

The Creation of The Halflings:

Antallia is considered by Halflings to be something of a mother figure, she not the ruler of their race, rather the benevolent nurturer of it. Having seen her parents create their own custodians and people, she sought to do the same and try to bring cheer to what she thought was another wise dull world. The Halflings creation was not without some element of disaster however. Cavorting in the outer planes, Antallia made the decision to create what would be her favored people, the Halflings. She took up lumps of clay, breathed life into them and set them to the kiln. Her intention was to allow her people to become strong, a hardy race. However as she was wont to do, Antallia celebrated with far too much enthusiasm and in her haze, removed them from the kiln too soon. Thinking them set, Antallia boasted of her new people’s strength and hardiness. But alas, they were fragile and when put to the test, shattered, becoming a smaller, weaker people. Dismayed at what she had done, Antallia blessed the Halflings with luck and an innate ability to kick off a raging party, keeping them safe as they roamed Ianis.

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