June 9, 2017

The Creation of Humans:

When Ianis was first formed, Sularion wished to bring his healing to all corners of Ianis. Following in the footsteps of many of the other Gods, Sularion created the humans. Sularion initially envisioned a race that would be the mortal form of what he was intended to be. Sularion however misunderstood his own creation, seeing his intended form as an amalgamation of other races. So this was what he did, taking features and traits from hundreds of thousands of monsters and creatures and combining them. The Abomanations of Sularion were a terrifying and grotesque sight to behold and filled the god with revulsion. Untamable and uncontrollable, Sularion cast them into the sun. It was there that they burned and roiled within its fiery surface. After a time, pieces of them fell to Ianis, stripped clean by the sun. What fell to Ianis were the first humans, grateful to Sularion for saving them from a mindless existence. It is said that when the sun finally grows dark, what remains of the Abominations will return to Ianis to wreak havoc.

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